About the Artist

I was 7 when my Dad taught me to fish and I guess the seeds for the Damp Hero Bait Company were planted on our very first excursion when he tied an old wooden lure to my line… I was captivated by the whimsy of these. “fish trickers”. Over the next four decades I used a wide assortment of lures and continued to admire the craft and artistry inherent in each one.

In 1993 I decided it was time to translate and transform what I’d been seeing all those years… I felt that by making them larger than life I could emphasize the art form, rather than the wooden lure’s practical use and even someone who’s never picked up a pole could joy their fascinating charm. This was the birth of the Damp Hero Bait Company.

I dedicate each sculpture to my Dad… who had the patience and love to teach me the beauty of lures and the art of fishing.

And to my old neighbor, Dewey… who showed me the joy of fresh water fishing.